Robot hugs

My husband and I do not trust one another at all.

Perhaps that is slightly misleading. My husband and I do not trust one another with regard to tickling. Slightly more accurate. Last night, N and I went to try to hug one another, and he broke down laughing.

“What,” I asked.

“So it’s come to this…” he gasped between chortles.

I looked at my husband – arms tight to his sides, with his elbows bent so his hands stuck up and slightly forward – and realized I was standing exactly the same way.

“Yes. Robot hugs. It’s really not that bad!”

And then I wrapped my arms around my robot-husband and waited until he’d relaxed enough for me to tickle him senseless again.

There’s not much other news. Maybe tomorrow there will be – oh yes, tomorrow there probably will be (or Wednesday), because that is when all of the parts for our new computer should arrive. Because we finally, finally realized the amount of marital discord having only one computer was causing.

Two gamers, one pc. Not the prettiest situation ever!

About Elizabeth

I'm a native New Englander, married to a native Southerner - culture shock, settling into married life, a new job, a new house, and adjusting to life 800 miles away from my family are the basics of my everyday life. I'm lucky enough to have my best friend as my husband, the funniest dog in existence, and enough room in our home to fit all of my books and zombie movies, without which I'd be lost.
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