Fun stuff to do when you’ve only got one hand

Last Wednesday, I had surgery on my right hand – which also happens to be my dominant hand. It’s been interesting only having one hand for the last week and a half, but I can’t wait until next Tuesday, when the big huge bandages/splint come off, and I get a “lower profile” splint which will allow for use of my hand! I have, however, learned a LOT in the last 10 days:

  1. If you use a hair tie to keep it closed, and brace with your “bad” hand, you can still use a can opener.
  2. Blunder might appreciate what the bandage means, but other dogs won’t, and will not think twice about pouncing on the bandaged hand.
  3. It’s not a bad thing to take time off to heal. I’d planned on going back to work this past Monday, but instead won’t return until next Wednesday.
  4. My husband is amazing, but makes no sense at ALL.
  5. With enough determination it i possible to get a bra on one-handed, but unclasping it is an entirely different matter.

The last deserves an explanation. N has been awesome throughout the whole process. He has cooked, done laundry, ferried me around and without him I don’t know what I would have done. However, the man is mystifying.

On Sunday we had to do grocery shopping. Instead of sitting and writing a list with me, my husband says, “I’ll be in the shower, you write a list.” He was dead serious. So, we ended up with a very messy grocery list that he chuckled over while we shopped.

That’s not terribly nonsensical, but the following is – he offered to…assist with lady-time blockage (ewww), but groused when I asked him to wash my hair. In the end, though, he washed my hair, shaved my armpit, and did NOT assist with the other (gross). I’m having a hard time understanding his thought process on that one. In his words, he felt like we were an old married couple, and he had to help me bathe because I couldn’t do it myself.

Overall, everything’s gone fairly smoothly. A friend of ours was kind enough to share all 900 or so of his e-books with me, and when I got bored with that, I did some one-handed cleaning. However, all things being equal, I am looking forward to having more use of my right hand. I kind of miss it – it makes writing so much easier…

About Elizabeth

I'm a native New Englander, married to a native Southerner - culture shock, settling into married life, a new job, a new house, and adjusting to life 800 miles away from my family are the basics of my everyday life. I'm lucky enough to have my best friend as my husband, the funniest dog in existence, and enough room in our home to fit all of my books and zombie movies, without which I'd be lost.
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One Response to Fun stuff to do when you’ve only got one hand

  1. theuglymoose says:

    Get better and make full use of the man servant :)

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