Adventures in accents

Given that N and I were born and raised on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, it is understandable that our accents are just a tad different. Or that we might have different terms for things. Usually this doesn’t cause any problems.

Every once in a while, however, we end up sitting on opposite sides of the kitchen table, staring blankly at each other while we furiously attempt to figure out exactly what was just said. This also means that we occasionally have moments where we can’t understand what the other person could possibly be talking about, because what they just said sounds crazy.

Last night was pretty much the perfect example. We were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner; I had been babbling about how I made it, and mentioned, “Despite the fact that I lacked two of the main ingredients, I think this turned out pretty good!”

There was a few moments’ pause, and I see bafflement steal its way across N’s face. I know it’s bafflement, because it’s the same look I receive when I have done or said something completely incomprehensible. Which, apparently, I just have.

“Why would this be a problem? I mean…why wouldn’t it turn out good,” N queries, confusion oozing from each syllable.

“Because this is made with cheddar cheese?” At this point, I’m feeling a little bit confused myself.

N frowns, and looks even more puzzled, while I furiously try to figure out exactly what has caused this meltdown in our communication. Approximately 4 seconds pass.

“I didn’t have mozzarella, and so I had to use cheddar, so I was afraid it might turn out weird, because chicken parmesan is usually made with mozzarella.”

“And suddenly, it all becomes clear.”

“You thought I said like, didn’t you?”


My husband apparently thinks I should have a southern accent.

In only somewhat related news: last night I found out that if you’re desperate, you can make chicken parmesan using cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella, and stuffing mix (pound it into basically seasoned-bread-dust, first) instead of bread crumbs, and it actually turns out pretty darn good. N loved it.

Things I am thankful for today:

  1. Aliens stole my husband and replaced him with someone who took charge in planning a weekend away.¹
  2. Finding out alternative ways of making chicken “parmesan.”
  3. My wedding and engagement rings are repaired and waiting for me to pick them up.
  4. Dinner is cooking as we speak – programmable crockpots are awesome.
  5. It’s Wednesday – which means we are almost to the weekend. Almost.



¹Okay, maybe he really IS my husband, but he really took me by surprise on this one. I wanted to go away for a weekend to Charleston, and tried to find some things to do and a place to stay and so forth. This morning he sent me a big descriptive email with some suggestions which took me aback, as I didn’t think he’d be interested in the things he’d mentioned, and I never thought he’d suggest a bed and breakfast as somewhere he’d prefer for us to stay! To be fair, this surprising-me happens pretty often, so maybe I should just say I’m thankful for my husband.

About Elizabeth

I'm a native New Englander, married to a native Southerner - culture shock, settling into married life, a new job, a new house, and adjusting to life 800 miles away from my family are the basics of my everyday life. I'm lucky enough to have my best friend as my husband, the funniest dog in existence, and enough room in our home to fit all of my books and zombie movies, without which I'd be lost.
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One Response to Adventures in accents

  1. That second paragraph is a such a funny observation – can see the brain re-calculating in effort to comprehend. Nice writing

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